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week in OMG Headaches

Well, okay shop talk won’t be in this week.  Only because I spent Monday with my partner’s son getting his laptop situation fixed… Seriously I think they were just telling us things in the end there to get us out of the store because yeah… I was getting growlie, enough growl there to probably impress Wolverine…

Though we did slip away for a while to see “Now You See Me”, which really if you can get around to seeing it do.  It was an enjoyable movie and impressed me greatly, which usually movies he picks don’t do that (Last one that did was Daybreakers, but I have weird tastes in movies).

When we got home I went to try to work on some stuff on my laptop, and it didn’t want to update some things I actually needed to have updated, so I had to go back to factory settings to get that fixed… Though of course I dinked around trying to fix it on my own until Wednesday before giving up and resetting.  What fun there.  Have everything back up and running and while I enjoy catching up on Castle I have a scarf in the works, only because thinking on other things right now is a ‘yeah right’ moment.  It’s not going to happen.  

Totally promise a better post next week, and maybe that pattern for the frogs if we don’t go out to Knobles.  Hm… right now I’m craving cotton candy..


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