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On the eve of the New Year

Hey! It’s Nicky! Boy a lot’s happened since the last time I wrote. Wesker died a gruesome horrible grinding hard drive death, so I had to get a new laptop. Everyone wave hi to Redfield!

Yeah, I know I’m a sucker for the Resident Evil series okay? Reminds me I should make some zombie blonks… maybe I’ll work on some as soon as I finish up Christmas gifts I wasn’t able to get finished because this damn cold. I spent most of Christmas week curled up asleep because of the flue that’s now going through the house. So working on anything has been kind of a chore at best. Though currently I’m playing with the new design for the nIIz site, hoping that I can get that set up this week at least, and when it’s done who knows, the partner and I are still debating moving off Zibbet (Which has been such a doll of a site to use for our sales) over to Etsy, which has a little more press so they’d probably be a little more what we need. It’s not like we lack the inventory for the move, our stock’s taking up a lot of room and I need to get off my rear to start putting it up on line.

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