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Let’s see, I know it’s been about a month since I last posted, the set I talked about last time is now on it’s way to the happy new mother (Beautiful healthy baby boy by the way!  Congrats Ash!)  Since then I found out that my cousin had a baby (Congrats Jodi she’s beautiful!) thinking I might have to send something her way for the baby and the other kids if I can find time to whip things together in time (I’m so late on ANY of my Holiday crafts).

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Nightmare storm(ish) – Or why Nicky shouldn’t write during a blackout

((This is typed up from Nicky’s chicken scratch after the fact this is you’re only warning))

It’s Tuesday October 30th, and the power’s probably been out three hours; while crocheting by candle light working on a commission for a friend I had the idea for how to start this blog out right…

Well, okay this might not be the right way, but four am, while a hurricane’s going through the area… not a lot of other options work.

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