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Friday morning!

Morning everyone!  Seriously today’s just a me day.  I have some projects that I should finish up for others, but today really I’m going to chill out with my hot apple Cider, and look through patterns of stuff I want to make for myself.  If I can manage the project in a few hours great!

And while I’m here, I’m going to promote my talented friend’s work again.  Courtney‘s looking for some quick painting work, so if you happen to live in the Mount Penn area of Pennsylvania and want a mural hit her up, she does really great work.

Craft group stuffs!

  • My mobile for Courtney’ll have to wait until Monday afternoon, (Sorry sweetie I have photos to snag this weekend and a few other small projects to work on.  Though you’ll have it before I go to NYC, if not just after.)
  • The Doctor Who scarves I loomed up are waiting to be handed off to Sandy when she’s back from her quilting retreat.
  • I have the project for everyone’s Christmas gifts ready.  I just have to sew them together.  But that will just take a few minutes.
  • The pumpkins for the kiddies just need faces and handles.  And Damn!  I was just at AC Moore… forgot to get black thread to sew the faces on with.  Good thing I want to run another errand today.

Family projects

  • I have the yarn for Liz’s gift.  Just have to figure out exactly what I’m making her this year.
  • Need to figure out what I’m making Br… I mean Evan.
  • Dad and Teri, still have no idea what I’m doing for them.  I want to do something they’ll both enjoy.  Tempted to just whip up fingerless mitts and matching hats for them that way they can still use a camera.

And yeah I’m rambling you’ll know I do that a lot.  Though starting Monday next week if the weather participates, should be seeing one ramble post like this and one shop post a day.  At least until my trip to NYC.

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