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So totally fail at blogging…

Though to be honest I’ve been trying to get the site for the shop together stuff for the said shop made and well trying not to tear out my hair because ugh, apparently things aren’t meshing well.

Since the last post, the laptop I had died, so I’m on a new one that is windows 8… Okay there’s some things I like about win8… but really there’s a lot of things I don’t like about it, like how user friendless it is.  I know how to do some things that I want it to do, and yeah… they’re not happening.  One of those is setting up a testing server so that I can try PHP for the shop hub site.  Since that’s not happening looks like I’m going to be trying to see how close I can get with my limited coding to what I want it to look like on PHP… means SOOOOOOOOOOO much more work.

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