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Friday morning!

Morning everyone!  Seriously today’s just a me day.  I have some projects that I should finish up for others, but today really I’m going to chill out with my hot apple Cider, and look through patterns of stuff I want to make for myself.  If I can manage the project in a few hours great!

And while I’m here, I’m going to promote my talented friend’s work again.  Courtney‘s looking for some quick painting work, so if you happen to live in the Mount Penn area of Pennsylvania and want a mural hit her up, she does really great work.

Craft group stuffs!

  • My mobile for Courtney’ll have to wait until Monday afternoon, (Sorry sweetie I have photos to snag this weekend and a few other small projects to work on.  Though you’ll have it before I go to NYC, if not just after.)
  • The Doctor Who scarves I loomed up are waiting to be handed off to Sandy when she’s back from her quilting retreat.
  • I have the project for everyone’s Christmas gifts ready.  I just have to sew them together.  But that will just take a few minutes.
  • The pumpkins for the kiddies just need faces and handles.  And Damn!  I was just at AC Moore… forgot to get black thread to sew the faces on with.  Good thing I want to run another errand today.

Family projects

  • I have the yarn for Liz’s gift.  Just have to figure out exactly what I’m making her this year.
  • Need to figure out what I’m making Br… I mean Evan.
  • Dad and Teri, still have no idea what I’m doing for them.  I want to do something they’ll both enjoy.  Tempted to just whip up fingerless mitts and matching hats for them that way they can still use a camera.

And yeah I’m rambling you’ll know I do that a lot.  Though starting Monday next week if the weather participates, should be seeing one ramble post like this and one shop post a day.  At least until my trip to NYC.

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it’s too early in the morning to be working…

Though I have two gloves to finish to go with a scarflet I loomed up last week.

Three baskets to finish for three special little kids for Halloween.  Hoping to have time to add in three little amigurumi toys to those.

A baby mobile which is looking like it’s going to be a jelly fish with little toys for the baby to play with as she grows.

Christmas gifts to make (though some of those I might be able to work on while I’m up in New York next month.  Some of the items I have planned I know will be great travel projects.

This weekend there will be photos taken so starting Monday you will be seeing new things up in the shops.  Today’s just a ‘gather my thoughts’ kind of day.  Also time to flip through pages of ocean life to see what I can make into block animals for the mobile.   I love working on things without a pattern!  I’m hoping that they’ll look as cute as I’m picturing them.  I’d show my rough sketches… But really my stick men look like kittens so I’ll try to get photos of the prototypes when I’m a little closer to having them done.

And yay craft meeting in 4 hours so I’m going to go dive into my cotton mountain to pull out colors now, turn up the music and try to enjoy the unseasonably warm morning we’re having.

I’ll leave you with something stuck on my iPod right now.

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OMG that was fun!

The Yard Sale wasn’t exactly a big sale yesterday, but man it was fun.  I will say this; the Berks County come and craft group is full of amazingly fun and talented people.  Luciana was a wonderful hostess for the yard sale, and her husband knows how to grill some delicious ribs.

The evening after the yard sale was full of music I grew up on chatter with amazing people and yeah not really crafty, but really we have to do it again some time!

And while I’m rambling about the awesome people in the group I’m going to plug the lovely hostess of our little craft group.  Courtney does wall murals which if I actually you know had a wall in this house I could paint up, would ask her to do it because she does a beautiful job.  I’m still impressed at the one she’s doing in her kids’ room.

Now with all that said… I’m going to go enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday.  The crochet hooks won’t be picked up until tomorrow, and I’m not even going to pick up the camera to take pictures.  Two weeks of franticly working on finishing things has me beat!

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Yard Sale!

Yeah I know I said I’d post about this.  I have a tub of stuff heading over there this afternoon and a basket that I’ll be filling to take over on Saturday.

The yard sale starts at 8 am EST  at 26 1/2 Elm street in Stowe PA.  It’ll go on until 2 pm, my crafting group would love the chance to chat with people and well get rid of some of our stuff.  We’ve all been working hard on crafty stuff, and some of the others are selling off stuff they just don’t need anymore.

Can you tell this has taken most of the brain power I have at 2 am to write?  I have so much work to do to be ready still so brain’s stuck in single crochet mode.  Next week I promise I’ll post something a little more you know… like usual?

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