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Email problems

A week ago the email that I use for this blog and the shops went AWOL, so I’ve been scrambling to try to fix that because well… I kind of need it.  So if you’ve been trying to contact us I’m so sorry about that.

Working with the server the email’s on is a PAIN too because the site and staff are userless friendly!  I was bounced to 5 different people yesterday and told I have to go through the website’s support to fix it, when the website just kept sending me form emails that were completely useless to my problem.

If I had known this was going to be a hassle I would not have used that service.  I mean really is it that hard to warn your customer base that you’re going to mess things up for a bit?  Or that you shouldn’t bother calling the offices because all your techs are programmed only to fix problems their computers say they can fix?  Lets not go into the fact that it’s an email problem… Why would you need to know the program you use to read said emails?  I can’t even log into it on the webmail site.

Liz also has a new computer, as soon as she can think of things to write she might be posting here as well.  Maybe she’ll tell you about it!

Yeah, sorry I’m just frustrated because it looks unprofessional to be sending out emails to everyone who tries to contact us, that the email can’t be delivered.

On the upside, have 3 Halloween goodie bags almost done for two of the ladies in my craft group.  They just need handles and faces.

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