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Holy… It’s HOT!  I mean really really hot!

So it’s really not that hot, but it’s a little muggy out, though there is progress being made with things!  And I think I almost tackled the foothills of acrylic and the mountain of cotton!  I actually have a bed again!  At least for a little while it’ll be torn apart tomorrow so I can move it across the room.  But for now I’m sorting through everything in here trying to get my stuff situated and put away for a little bit.

Next week though you will see snapshots of all of us working (sh don’t tell Liz!  She doesn’t like pictures taken of herself!).  And I might have the basic design of the card holders we might be using done (not the new cards yet though)  I’m hoping that they’ll be really cute!

And I’m going to have to make more blonks, someone in our group is scrambling to make little summer sets for them to play with and well I only have about ten of the size she’s making them done!  But we’re already planning to work on those, some bags and other stuff for the flea market.  Soooo the nice clean neat work room that I’m doing…. will have the lab exploding in it in like four minutes.  Oh well it’s expected really.  But will be nice to get to work on those again.


Here’s a question for you while I’m here.  What summery treats do you like to beat the heat?

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Okay so, the housemate and I have to bump up our time schedule for selling things (Though this is a good thing).  We’ll be trying our first flea market in two weeks, so the next two weeks I’m going to be scrambling to make bears and bags.  I have a few blue ones started that I need to finish too.  I’ll be taking yarn and stuffing with me when we go so if it gets slow I can work on making some more things to add to the table but I’m hoping that we’ll have enough for the day.  Pretty sure the bears will be a hit though.  My nephew and nieces still love the ones they got at Thanksgiving!  

On a happier note, we may be gaining another partner as well, a friend of mine in the area is also an artist and she needs an outlet to sell her stuff so we’re going to help her out.  Look here for updates on that!  

Also realized… OMG a post two days in a row! I must be in one of my moods!

Now back to my mad scramble. I’m running out of zombie flicks to watch while doing these things! I’m thinking I’ll finish watching Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan then find some mecha anime to watch. Maybe Outlaw Star, been a while since I mainlined that one.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Spending the holiday with family and really meant to get this out last night, but well ended up having a later night.

The pattern that I’ve been working on was a hit with the kids though.  My niece and nephew on my stepmom’s side named theirs Sophia and Koo-Koo, so far (Got here on Tuesday) the toys have been with the pair almost everywhere they go. Read the rest of this entry »

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Just a few days….

I’m going through my mental checklists for things I need to take with me on my trip… I’m trying to pack light, let’s see how well that goes, I’m thinking I might have to grab one of my market bags to stick stuff into when I finish it on this trip because there’s no way that my little Kerropi bag can fit all my gear and finished projects.  It does great for most things and I like that it matches my computer bag, but this is a little further trip than to my craft groups.

Right now I’m scrambling to finish up two more stuffed animals for my Dad’s Grandkids (Via my stepmother) I’ll be seeing them next week for the first time so thought I should bring them presents at least.  Which means I’m probably going to be working on something for myself in the car.  I leave Tuesday and have some baking to do before then as well.

The animals I’m making, so fat I have a bunny, and bear done.  I’m thinking an elephant next, not sure what to do for the last one for the kids, though I’m making a black cat for a friend of mine because she thought they were adorable and begged me for one.  I’ve owed her a present for a little while so I’m sending her one.  Might make a little toy for it to hold too.  I’ll try to transfer my scribbles into patterns for these because they really are adorable so far.

I still need to send my pattern tester my basket pattern so that she can test it out.  I’m so behind in everything!  Though on the third next month I’ll be posting every day, we’ll be getting more items up I’m going to take a break from creating (Okay at least at a slower pace) so we can get some room around here.  As much as I want to do a craft show this year I don’t think we’re going to have the time or energy for it.  Though I will try to scope a few out just to see what the local flavor is on the crafting front.  Reminds me I have to snag the toy box from the attic because I think it would be a cute prop for these new toys I’m making.  I’m almost always looking for great props for pictures.

And well my stomach’s grumbling so going to jet to go snag some food and get started on some of that baking.  So much to do so little time!

– Yes this would be Nicky running around like a nightmare Turkey day main dish!

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Little behind, scrambling around…

I know we had an extra hour earlier this week, and that was used to try to catch up on my NaNoWriMo….

Though I did get my Umami shrug done, I’ll have to get some pictures of it.  It didn’t come out exactly like the photos for the pattern, but I think that may be because I didn’t make the sleeves wide enough.  It’s okay though, made it mostly to wear under tees for the winter so no one really has to know right?  I’ll have to make another one later.

I’ve also been playing with Lion Brand’s Bonbons.  OMG! I love the colors in the sets.  I picked up “Beach” and “Nature” and am making little key chains for the shop with them (Though first made myself a turtle phone charm).

Still have a baby mobile to work on (The baby’s due on the 2nd of December) The mother will probably end up getting it a little late since my New York trip’s in there.  Most of the work for it’s done, I’m just making tentacles and little fish to hang off it.  Both are projects that can be worked on in the car since I’m going to be riding.

Today though… I need to reorganize my yarn because it exploded yesterday.  I was trying to find the scrap yarn I have to work out a pattern (Yes you heard that right there will be another pattern up here soon if I can get to it).  Didn’t find my scrap yarn, but found some that I want to make some Amigurumi bunnies with.  Now let’s hope I can find the white yarn I bought to work with it, because lace yarn on it’s own… I’m not that talented yet.

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I was going to get photos today…

But I picked up the crochet hook to work on my Umami shrug (Interweave Crochet fall 2013).  I want to get this done before I go to New York and next month I’m doing NaNoWriMo, so I figure it’s a better time for photos too.  this month is being used and abused to finish up projects.
Back to the shrug though, for it I’m using Sock ease, because I wanted to torture myself with a small yarn and thought why not play with wool too since it’s one I haven’t used before.  So far I’m loving the ease of the pattern (It’s all chain stitch, treble stitch, double stitch and slip stitch, and easy to memorize!)  not sure how it’ll go with the back of the shrug though because I want to add a hood (I love my hoodies okay?!).  I’ve never tried a hood before either so there’s a new challenge.  If I can’t figure that out it’ll be okay, I’ll just wear it under one of my hooded vests.
Oh, and I know I posted a recipe a few days ago.  Saturday I tried a new one for Zucchini bread.  This isn’t exactly the one that I’m used to, and I didn’t have wheat flour on hand but oooh it was nice to have the house smelling like the holidays for an evening.  And yes, these are a hit!  I made one batch, and will be going to a party on Saturday so I’m going to be taking these with me.  That is if I don’t nibble on all of them before hand (So glad I have more zucchini because I’ll be making two batches for the party and the last one for the house!)
Let’s see I’m also staring at about 30 coffee cozies that need to be finished so they can be popped up on line.  They just need the pockets sewed on and the tails tucked in and done!  I’ll be digging around in my yarn stash for more yarn I can use on those because I love how fast those whip up.  Planning if I have time to get two bunnies done for my step-mom’s grandkids.  It’s been so long since I’ve worked on Amigurumi that I’m worried I’m forgetting how to make them!  So yep! It’s time to fix that problem.  Not to mention Dad bought me The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi by June Gilbank, last year for Christmas and I’ve flipped through it but haven’t really played with it yet.  I love June’s patterns so figure it’s about time I break into it just to see it there’s any tricks I haven’t figured out through trial and error yet.
So, how’s everyone else’s Tuesday / Week so far?  Hopefully not as crazy as mine!
– Nicky
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it’s too early in the morning to be working…

Though I have two gloves to finish to go with a scarflet I loomed up last week.

Three baskets to finish for three special little kids for Halloween.  Hoping to have time to add in three little amigurumi toys to those.

A baby mobile which is looking like it’s going to be a jelly fish with little toys for the baby to play with as she grows.

Christmas gifts to make (though some of those I might be able to work on while I’m up in New York next month.  Some of the items I have planned I know will be great travel projects.

This weekend there will be photos taken so starting Monday you will be seeing new things up in the shops.  Today’s just a ‘gather my thoughts’ kind of day.  Also time to flip through pages of ocean life to see what I can make into block animals for the mobile.   I love working on things without a pattern!  I’m hoping that they’ll look as cute as I’m picturing them.  I’d show my rough sketches… But really my stick men look like kittens so I’ll try to get photos of the prototypes when I’m a little closer to having them done.

And yay craft meeting in 4 hours so I’m going to go dive into my cotton mountain to pull out colors now, turn up the music and try to enjoy the unseasonably warm morning we’re having.

I’ll leave you with something stuck on my iPod right now.

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Projects to finish.

So yesterday I went to a craft meet and greet.  The girls involved were fantastic people, and all of us had our own little craft.   I’ll pop links up to their sites in the side bar as soon as I remember to get the links, I’ll also post something up for our meet-up group page with it.

I have the head of a lamb amigurumi started, need to work on the muzzle and ears before I start on the body.  I really want to try to make it in as few pieces as possible.  It’s going too, I’m using Boucle and DK weight yarn for it, the two strands being worked together and I thought that it would be hard to keep track of the stitches, it’s actually pretty easy to tell them apart so I’m not going to have a problem there with it.

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So totally fail at blogging…

Though to be honest I’ve been trying to get the site for the shop together stuff for the said shop made and well trying not to tear out my hair because ugh, apparently things aren’t meshing well.

Since the last post, the laptop I had died, so I’m on a new one that is windows 8… Okay there’s some things I like about win8… but really there’s a lot of things I don’t like about it, like how user friendless it is.  I know how to do some things that I want it to do, and yeah… they’re not happening.  One of those is setting up a testing server so that I can try PHP for the shop hub site.  Since that’s not happening looks like I’m going to be trying to see how close I can get with my limited coding to what I want it to look like on PHP… means SOOOOOOOOOOO much more work.

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On the eve of the New Year

Hey! It’s Nicky! Boy a lot’s happened since the last time I wrote. Wesker died a gruesome horrible grinding hard drive death, so I had to get a new laptop. Everyone wave hi to Redfield!

Yeah, I know I’m a sucker for the Resident Evil series okay? Reminds me I should make some zombie blonks… maybe I’ll work on some as soon as I finish up Christmas gifts I wasn’t able to get finished because this damn cold. I spent most of Christmas week curled up asleep because of the flue that’s now going through the house. So working on anything has been kind of a chore at best. Though currently I’m playing with the new design for the nIIz site, hoping that I can get that set up this week at least, and when it’s done who knows, the partner and I are still debating moving off Zibbet (Which has been such a doll of a site to use for our sales) over to Etsy, which has a little more press so they’d probably be a little more what we need. It’s not like we lack the inventory for the move, our stock’s taking up a lot of room and I need to get off my rear to start putting it up on line.

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