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Heat bad, brains melted…. AKA we’re back in action!

Whoah sorry about disappearing again! The roomie moved in and we ended up getting lost in a crafting storm of awesome and cute. Seriously thought we might have to pull out the nail-bats there for a bit to keep from dying of overload… or would that have been the sprinklers to help with heat stroke? Either way there would have been something either violent or wet going on.

Then again it may have been the overload of cute because of the kitten.
Stevie, Captain Amerikitteh (We got him on July 4th and the name started as a joke because he was a tiny little guy… It’s since stuck)

ANYWAY! That’s enough of me rambling about the fun stuff right? Zibbet’s getting items in everyday, some of our older items are going up at reduced prices just so we can make room for new stock. Some of that being a few of the new toys that have taken over the labs here at nIIz Designs. They’ll be getting awesome write ups here in the next few weeks, while we settle into our new routines for the fall and winter.

Ryl will also be posting in the next few days, she has some stories to tell about her recent trip to the South and I’m hoping she’ll remember to add some of the recipes in with them because OMG the cookies we’ve been snacking on have been awesome, and I really want to try them out here.

We will also have new PATTERNS! Yes I know everyone is waiting for those! I might revamp my coffee sleeves but for now there will be some basic loomed patterns (since I love my knitting looms right now) and I have some write ups for other stuffies I’ve done that I want to post just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

And I think I mentioned the recipes. If not the amazing ones from Ryl’s family trip there will be our attempts to make yummy Japanese treats (Look out for our first attempt on Mochi).

Sorry about the last post’s formatting. I was in a rush and yeah, should have done that better. Forgive me!

Hugs to all


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Needing a small break…

So I’m sitting here in the workroom sipping mango green tea (YUM!) and listening to Welcome to Nightvale, surrounded by YARN!

Wait that’s not that different from most days… Anyway a small update, since I ended up not working on any during the week last week. I will get the swing of this!

Anyway, Sunday our new partner and I ended up going to explore the flea market we’ll be selling stuff at. I’m thinking we can actually wait a little for the business cards (I have older ones that I can still use up after all). It’ll be a good place to play around with the layout for the stall for craft fair stuff too. Which is kind of why I have been quiet. I have our jewelry display to put together still… I’m really digging the idea that Liz had for it, one side being a crochet mesh the other with the wood dowels that I bought so we can use the display for earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

If it goes well for the first week I’ll try to figure out a display to match it for our scarves and handbags. We have a 4 door car, so I’m trying to make our display stuff so that it will fit nicely into the trunk. We have one table so far (Figured if we needed another we’ll get it later, and I want to get an easel to prop the display for our bags and scarves on.

Next time I’m there I’ll have to get a picture at Art of Recycle, where most of the stuff for our displays will probably come from because not only is it an awesome art shop, it’s volenteer run, and the staff is really friendly. If I lived closer (it’s a 45 minute drive) I’d be there all the time, but wouldn’t get any work done!

Now I should get going, I have about 20 more loomed bags to finish with this one style then I’ll work on another style for the flea market. I should glaze and finish some more necklaces and charms maybe make some more because I don’t know how many we’ll sell and I would like to be able to have items on display the whole time we’re there.

Liz’ll have her blankets and some other crochet items. She’s been on a kick for baby items lately and they’re so cute!

Our new partner in… well not crime? Unless you count creating art a crime…. She’s bringing painted tiles, some of them are fandom themed (I’m so buying a Bucky and Steve tile from her because really they’re awesome), and some other paintings.

She’s going to be sitting with me the first weekend if the weather’s good, we’ll be chatting it up with people and getting a feel for it. None of us have done markets or craft fairs before so this will be good practice for us to see what works and what doesn’t.

If you guys are in the Shillington area of Pennsylvania come by first weekend in July! We’d love to meet you! I’ll give the local when it’s a little closer to the date.

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Okay so, the housemate and I have to bump up our time schedule for selling things (Though this is a good thing).  We’ll be trying our first flea market in two weeks, so the next two weeks I’m going to be scrambling to make bears and bags.  I have a few blue ones started that I need to finish too.  I’ll be taking yarn and stuffing with me when we go so if it gets slow I can work on making some more things to add to the table but I’m hoping that we’ll have enough for the day.  Pretty sure the bears will be a hit though.  My nephew and nieces still love the ones they got at Thanksgiving!  

On a happier note, we may be gaining another partner as well, a friend of mine in the area is also an artist and she needs an outlet to sell her stuff so we’re going to help her out.  Look here for updates on that!  

Also realized… OMG a post two days in a row! I must be in one of my moods!

Now back to my mad scramble. I’m running out of zombie flicks to watch while doing these things! I’m thinking I’ll finish watching Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan then find some mecha anime to watch. Maybe Outlaw Star, been a while since I mainlined that one.

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nIIz designs on Etsy is now open!

ImageWith a whopping one (1) item up so far.  The weather and camera weren’t being friendly this weekend hopefully I’ll get some more stuff up as the week goes on.

This scarf is 80 inches long each apple is 4 inches wide and it’s perfect for adding some color to your wardrobe for those chilly fall mornings.