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Happy New Year!

I’ve meant to get this post up earlier.  Like before Christmas but was asked to do a few orders around the start of the new year that are kind of time consuming.  Not that I’m complaining about that because really these two orders are fun to do.

So, on New Years eve, I’m currently watching paranormal shows while working on the first order, since that one I know exactly what the client wants.  I’m about three feet into an 18 foot long Doctor Who scarf on my Boye Flat Knitting loom (Green size second to smallest).  And really, this is the third one I’ve made on the loom and I think I like using the loom I’m using for it.  Might also be because I’m working with doubling the yarn, makes it thicker and just more squishy than the first two scarves I did which were on round looms.

The other order I’m going to start on as soon as this scarf’s done, since I’ll be working on more stuffed toys anyway.

And I’m going to have to play with the one present from Dad that’s arrived soon.  I have a light tent that I’m hoping I can get used to using, we’ll see.

And while I’m rambling here; remember the teddy bears I made for my Nieces and Nephew?  Well looks like there may be a waiting list on those.  Right now I have 2 more to work on for a friend (So her nephew and husband stop stealing the one she got as a gift) and well I’m getting the feeling from friends on-line that I may have problems keeping them in the shop.  at least four others want one made for them.  Don’t worry I’ll post them up here when I get one up for sale.  I’ve learned that my nephew has yet to tear his apart and he flings it around, so pretty sure they’re tough enough to handle normal children’s play.

And now it’s time to go get started on cooking dinner.  Since it’s the housemate and I, we’re doing one of my favorite dishes tonight.  Nachos, heavily topped with just about everything!

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it’s too early in the morning to be working…

Though I have two gloves to finish to go with a scarflet I loomed up last week.

Three baskets to finish for three special little kids for Halloween.  Hoping to have time to add in three little amigurumi toys to those.

A baby mobile which is looking like it’s going to be a jelly fish with little toys for the baby to play with as she grows.

Christmas gifts to make (though some of those I might be able to work on while I’m up in New York next month.  Some of the items I have planned I know will be great travel projects.

This weekend there will be photos taken so starting Monday you will be seeing new things up in the shops.  Today’s just a ‘gather my thoughts’ kind of day.  Also time to flip through pages of ocean life to see what I can make into block animals for the mobile.   I love working on things without a pattern!  I’m hoping that they’ll look as cute as I’m picturing them.  I’d show my rough sketches… But really my stick men look like kittens so I’ll try to get photos of the prototypes when I’m a little closer to having them done.

And yay craft meeting in 4 hours so I’m going to go dive into my cotton mountain to pull out colors now, turn up the music and try to enjoy the unseasonably warm morning we’re having.

I’ll leave you with something stuck on my iPod right now.

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Coffee Sleeve

Because I felt like posting this one.  It’s something I’ve been making for a while they’re fun to make and I’m always getting comments on them when I use the ones I’ve made.  There will be a post later with stuff up on the shop.


This pattern is great for using up scrap yarn.  They make great gifts for coffee lovers too.  I’ve given them away as gifts and try to keep some around for last minute gifts for coffee or tea lovers.


The pocket works great in a contrasting or complimentary color.  And is big enough to slip in a gift card or a few sugar packets while you’re on the run.  They fit all the paper coffee cups I’ve tried so far (Starbucks and generic ones)  and are big enough so your whole hand is protected from the hot cup. 

Tools needed

Size f hook


Any worsted yarn (two colors)

(I use cotton sugar and cream it works great)

(I put two colors because I use one for the sleeve and another for the pocket.)

Yarn needle

Any embellishments you want

(I tend to leave those off just because it makes it more washer friendly without)


Finished measurements should be 4.5 inches wide by 3 inches tall


 Chain 45

Slip stitch chain one in slipknot of the first stitch to form loop. Try not to twist the loop

Go through every stitch with a single stitch (45)

Slip stitch and chain one, (Will count as first stitch from here out)

Single stitch around row (45 stitches)

Repeat row 11 more times


Chain 19


Single crochet over (19)

You’ll want to repeat at least 7 rows.  More or less to your taste but I found 7 rows makes for a good sized pocket half the height of the cozy.

Whip stitch pocket to sleeve, tuck tails embellish as you wish and Voila!  You have a sleeve as unique as your coffee!

Feel free to show me how you’ve made this one.

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Projects to finish.

So yesterday I went to a craft meet and greet.  The girls involved were fantastic people, and all of us had our own little craft.   I’ll pop links up to their sites in the side bar as soon as I remember to get the links, I’ll also post something up for our meet-up group page with it.

I have the head of a lamb amigurumi started, need to work on the muzzle and ears before I start on the body.  I really want to try to make it in as few pieces as possible.  It’s going too, I’m using Boucle and DK weight yarn for it, the two strands being worked together and I thought that it would be hard to keep track of the stitches, it’s actually pretty easy to tell them apart so I’m not going to have a problem there with it.

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Nightmare storm(ish) – Or why Nicky shouldn’t write during a blackout

((This is typed up from Nicky’s chicken scratch after the fact this is you’re only warning))

It’s Tuesday October 30th, and the power’s probably been out three hours; while crocheting by candle light working on a commission for a friend I had the idea for how to start this blog out right…

Well, okay this might not be the right way, but four am, while a hurricane’s going through the area… not a lot of other options work.

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