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Rambling On…

on September 17, 2014

Hi everyone.  Ryl here. As Nicky mentioned in her last post, I just recently got back from Alabama.  It’s amazing how much your kid cousins can grow up in eight years.  Apparently one of my teenage cousins is an aspiring Tony Stark.  I am entirely too amused.  So, yes, two weeks of reconnecting with family and enjoying some awesome ethnic cooking.

And crocheting.  It seemed fitting, given all the Middle Eastern food I ate down there, to try out making crocheted pita bread sandwiches.  Hopefully soon I’ll have pictures of them.  I had to make sure I had something for each of my two oldest cousins’ kids.  The oldest just turned four and I hadn’t met any of them yet.  So two fluffy wonton stuffies and two minicle monsters it was.  I’m not who liked them more, the kids or their parents.

But now I’m home with an Amerikitty who likes pouncing on me and playing with the cord for the light so that it blinks.  And some really inexpensive crochet thread from Art of Recycle, a crochet hook, a Monster High doll, and an Ever After High doll.  Perfect for some cute experimenting.


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