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Heat bad, brains melted…. AKA we’re back in action!

on September 12, 2014

Whoah sorry about disappearing again! The roomie moved in and we ended up getting lost in a crafting storm of awesome and cute. Seriously thought we might have to pull out the nail-bats there for a bit to keep from dying of overload… or would that have been the sprinklers to help with heat stroke? Either way there would have been something either violent or wet going on.

Then again it may have been the overload of cute because of the kitten.
Stevie, Captain Amerikitteh (We got him on July 4th and the name started as a joke because he was a tiny little guy… It’s since stuck)

ANYWAY! That’s enough of me rambling about the fun stuff right? Zibbet’s getting items in everyday, some of our older items are going up at reduced prices just so we can make room for new stock. Some of that being a few of the new toys that have taken over the labs here at nIIz Designs. They’ll be getting awesome write ups here in the next few weeks, while we settle into our new routines for the fall and winter.

Ryl will also be posting in the next few days, she has some stories to tell about her recent trip to the South and I’m hoping she’ll remember to add some of the recipes in with them because OMG the cookies we’ve been snacking on have been awesome, and I really want to try them out here.

We will also have new PATTERNS! Yes I know everyone is waiting for those! I might revamp my coffee sleeves but for now there will be some basic loomed patterns (since I love my knitting looms right now) and I have some write ups for other stuffies I’ve done that I want to post just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

And I think I mentioned the recipes. If not the amazing ones from Ryl’s family trip there will be our attempts to make yummy Japanese treats (Look out for our first attempt on Mochi).

Sorry about the last post’s formatting. I was in a rush and yeah, should have done that better. Forgive me!

Hugs to all



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