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On top of mount yarn….

on June 20, 2014

And I think that’s all your getting of that silly!

Though currently I’m surrounded by yarn trying to re organize it so I can put most of it away because our new business partner will be moving in with us.

On one hand yay!  Means I don’t have to get up at 3 am when we go do the flea market sales.  Other hand… GAH What am I supposed to do with all my art supplies!  Yep this is Nicky scrambling to clean that up so that she can find all her looms, all her crochet hooks, and well all the other little odds and ends she has lying around.  Also looking at my unfinished projects which I wanted to get done this week.  Oh well they’ll have to just wait a little bit longer.  My poor yarn winder though I think it wants to have a heart attack since I’m working at making the drawers for the mountain of yarn all nice and pretty (Hey it’ll stay that way at least two weeks!

Then next project is to work on getting items up in the shop, and if I can work on some cute card holders for our new business cards (Well when we order new ones.  I want to check local places first see if I can get some done the way I want so we can just jot the price of the items for the flea markets and craft fairs on the card then slip them onto the product.  And if we get them how I’m hoping they’ll look, we’ll have adorable card holders that fit each of our personalities too (Mine will so be a lounging blonk!)

Let’s see other stuff… Because this post seems too short to me, or maybe it’s the fact my head’s still ringing from the AWESOME concert I went to last night at Reverb.  On the outside, it kinda looks sketchy, like that dive bar you kind of want to go to, but are afraid to go alone?  The inside though, it’s clear it’s a music club inside two stages, and then you have the back patio where we were with a small stage.  The bartenders were fun and security was there keeping things safe.  To tell the truth I felt safer there than I do over at the mall in broad daylight, and yeah this is a bar, so that was a little surprising (Yes it was my first time there and the experience was excellent so yeah, I’ll be going again whenever I can.  It’s not a huge venue, just a cozy little place that despite looking a tad sketchy looking on the outside.)  We were a little worried that the show would be cramped actually before we left, only because the whole day raining.  Around five it stopped, the bands had already done sound checks inside and were ready to start there when it broke. Though when the rain broke the crew got to work, finishing up the last little details to the patio that they couldn’t get during the week of semi rainy weather.  It was supposed to start at 6, ended up closer to 8, but really was worth the wait!

Watching Savannah Burn were good, pity they had to stop because the bassist’s strings broke, I’m glad they took it in good stride, I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next time they’re in town I can handle seeing them again.  A lot of the set they did play were older southern rock songs which I loved because it was a good way to start off the evening, something a little lighter and work into the harder stuff.

A New Day Dawn rocked! They were really sweet too, the story she told about one of the songs actually caused me to tear up a little and the song was great!    We also had a laugh when she dedicated a song to lovers, and her husband didn’t raise his hand for a moment when she asked for hands… Though to be honest he was messing with the drum kit so I think he’d get a pass right?

After that was Whiskey Demon who I thought were quite entertaining as well. The covers they did were great and the original material was really good, might be another band I’ll have to see again when they’re down at the Reverb.  

 Main reason I went though was Smile Empty Soul, and they played all the songs I love by them.  Which is why my throat’s raw because you know you have to sing along when it’s a song you like! Phil Lipscomb did a great job filling in.  Though not surprised, I like Taproot too.  So the rest of you seeing Smile Empty Soul’s tour this summer, you won’t be disappointed!


And okay now this post is long enough.  I have to get back to organizing my craft stuff, and back to cleaning up things so that we can mess it all up in like a week doing a mad scramble to get things ready for the flea market.  We have displays to make still!  I should have done it earlier this week, but scrambling to finish other work needed.  



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