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Happy New Year!

on December 31, 2013

I’ve meant to get this post up earlier.  Like before Christmas but was asked to do a few orders around the start of the new year that are kind of time consuming.  Not that I’m complaining about that because really these two orders are fun to do.

So, on New Years eve, I’m currently watching paranormal shows while working on the first order, since that one I know exactly what the client wants.  I’m about three feet into an 18 foot long Doctor Who scarf on my Boye Flat Knitting loom (Green size second to smallest).  And really, this is the third one I’ve made on the loom and I think I like using the loom I’m using for it.  Might also be because I’m working with doubling the yarn, makes it thicker and just more squishy than the first two scarves I did which were on round looms.

The other order I’m going to start on as soon as this scarf’s done, since I’ll be working on more stuffed toys anyway.

And I’m going to have to play with the one present from Dad that’s arrived soon.  I have a light tent that I’m hoping I can get used to using, we’ll see.

And while I’m rambling here; remember the teddy bears I made for my Nieces and Nephew?  Well looks like there may be a waiting list on those.  Right now I have 2 more to work on for a friend (So her nephew and husband stop stealing the one she got as a gift) and well I’m getting the feeling from friends on-line that I may have problems keeping them in the shop.  at least four others want one made for them.  Don’t worry I’ll post them up here when I get one up for sale.  I’ve learned that my nephew has yet to tear his apart and he flings it around, so pretty sure they’re tough enough to handle normal children’s play.

And now it’s time to go get started on cooking dinner.  Since it’s the housemate and I, we’re doing one of my favorite dishes tonight.  Nachos, heavily topped with just about everything!


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