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Little behind, scrambling around…

on November 6, 2013

I know we had an extra hour earlier this week, and that was used to try to catch up on my NaNoWriMo….

Though I did get my Umami shrug done, I’ll have to get some pictures of it.  It didn’t come out exactly like the photos for the pattern, but I think that may be because I didn’t make the sleeves wide enough.  It’s okay though, made it mostly to wear under tees for the winter so no one really has to know right?  I’ll have to make another one later.

I’ve also been playing with Lion Brand’s Bonbons.  OMG! I love the colors in the sets.  I picked up “Beach” and “Nature” and am making little key chains for the shop with them (Though first made myself a turtle phone charm).

Still have a baby mobile to work on (The baby’s due on the 2nd of December) The mother will probably end up getting it a little late since my New York trip’s in there.  Most of the work for it’s done, I’m just making tentacles and little fish to hang off it.  Both are projects that can be worked on in the car since I’m going to be riding.

Today though… I need to reorganize my yarn because it exploded yesterday.  I was trying to find the scrap yarn I have to work out a pattern (Yes you heard that right there will be another pattern up here soon if I can get to it).  Didn’t find my scrap yarn, but found some that I want to make some Amigurumi bunnies with.  Now let’s hope I can find the white yarn I bought to work with it, because lace yarn on it’s own… I’m not that talented yet.


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