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nIIz designs on Etsy is now open!

on October 8, 2013

ImageWith a whopping one (1) item up so far.  The weather and camera weren’t being friendly this weekend hopefully I’ll get some more stuff up as the week goes on.

This scarf is 80 inches long each apple is 4 inches wide and it’s perfect for adding some color to your wardrobe for those chilly fall mornings.


2 responses to “nIIz designs on Etsy is now open!

  1. sandy says:

    Interesting idea for a scarf, hope things go well for you with your new shop. Out blog walking and found myself here, always fun to meet new crafters. Thought I’d mention it’s very hard to leave a comment here, as the bubble thing that indicates you can leave a comment is soooooooo very dark like the background you really don’t see it. I looked quite a while and was about to give up, thinking you just had settings for no comments when I moused over and found it. Good luck.

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