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Projects to finish.

on June 1, 2013

So yesterday I went to a craft meet and greet.  The girls involved were fantastic people, and all of us had our own little craft.   I’ll pop links up to their sites in the side bar as soon as I remember to get the links, I’ll also post something up for our meet-up group page with it.

I have the head of a lamb amigurumi started, need to work on the muzzle and ears before I start on the body.  I really want to try to make it in as few pieces as possible.  It’s going too, I’m using Boucle and DK weight yarn for it, the two strands being worked together and I thought that it would be hard to keep track of the stitches, it’s actually pretty easy to tell them apart so I’m not going to have a problem there with it.

I have some frogs to finish… I will have my frog army Muahahahaha!  Okay so the frog army will probably be worked on here and there during the year and sold in the spring next year.  It’ll give me time to have enough for grab bags of them, not to mention the winter’s the best time I’ve found for shrinking my scrap yarn bin and really these frogs only take a few yards of yarn each if even, as soon as I go through and do the eyes again so  I can count rows, I’ll pop up the pattern.  Pretty sure I can figure out my scribbled notes.

Last project I have is a simple open box scarf in Debora Norville’s Everyday anti-pill color Parrot (I love the feel of this yarn okay?  with scarves and other small projects you’ll probably see me talking about it a lot because it just feels great on the hook and in my hands).  It’s something I can stick in my bag and the pattern’s easy enough to memorize in a few moments only two rows.  I pull it out when I have a few minutes.  Keeps me busy and will give me another pretty scarf to put in the shop when it’s done.  Right now it’s only about five inches long but pretty sure I’ll have it a few feet before too long.

Well, food’s here so I’m going to go eat and go run out to get some errands done.



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