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On the eve of the New Year

on January 1, 2013

Hey! It’s Nicky! Boy a lot’s happened since the last time I wrote. Wesker died a gruesome horrible grinding hard drive death, so I had to get a new laptop. Everyone wave hi to Redfield!

Yeah, I know I’m a sucker for the Resident Evil series okay? Reminds me I should make some zombie blonks… maybe I’ll work on some as soon as I finish up Christmas gifts I wasn’t able to get finished because this damn cold. I spent most of Christmas week curled up asleep because of the flue that’s now going through the house. So working on anything has been kind of a chore at best. Though currently I’m playing with the new design for the nIIz site, hoping that I can get that set up this week at least, and when it’s done who knows, the partner and I are still debating moving off Zibbet (Which has been such a doll of a site to use for our sales) over to Etsy, which has a little more press so they’d probably be a little more what we need. It’s not like we lack the inventory for the move, our stock’s taking up a lot of room and I need to get off my rear to start putting it up on line.

There’s also so much I want to work on this month too… at least the kid’s going back to school, so I can work on some of it while he’s in classes. I’m getting my little act together.

Let’s see on top of the laptop which was needed for work, I got goodies! Liz made me this awesome blue and black hooded scarf with little paw prints on it. I’m currently wrapped up in it purring because it’s so nice and warm! She also made me butterfly wristlets that go with my furry cranberry hoodie. They go over my lacy wristlets so nicely that I don’t want to take either off! Last thing I got was a crochet Kerropi keychain from her. He’s my favorite Sanrio character, so I think I’m sticking it on my computer bag for when I’m out and about. Photos of these will be coming shortly. I’ll need someone to take pics of me in them.

From Dad I got an awesome coffee brewing mug, since tested… Yes it’s a great find from Think Geek. He told me he bought one for himself and his wife too, for travel purposes no more horrible hotel coffee while they’re on the way to see family in New York (and swinging down to see me for a weekend), a Zombie emergency case (lunch box) which I was going to buy for the shop anyway but until it’s being used for that I’m storing crochet tools in it. Then there’s my ear cuff a dragon that I can’t wear just yet, my ear is a little too short so I’m going to just end up fixing that problem with another piercing I’ve been wanting for a little while. OH! And the last thing was one of June’s books, her Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi. Which if you’re starting out making Amigurumi, I do suggest it, it’s a nice little read and she gives some good helpful tips, I can’t wait to play with some of them soon.

Last thing I got, well the kid got and I’m taking him too is a concert. Three Days Grace, Shinedown and P.O.D., that will have my voice raw again, but you know what I don’t care I know almost every song and will be ready to rock out!

Though look at the time, I should get going so I can try to get some of this site redesigned before the New Year. Trying to make it easier to update for the housemate, and then I have to get some swatches made so she can help me write up a pattern for us to post up here.

And this time it won’t be another month until the next post PROMISE!

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