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on November 30, 2012

Let’s see, I know it’s been about a month since I last posted, the set I talked about last time is now on it’s way to the happy new mother (Beautiful healthy baby boy by the way!  Congrats Ash!)  Since then I found out that my cousin had a baby (Congrats Jodi she’s beautiful!) thinking I might have to send something her way for the baby and the other kids if I can find time to whip things together in time (I’m so late on ANY of my Holiday crafts).


The baby set and scarf made for Ash and Koko

Also had a negative family crisis, my 22 year old cat passed away, it was time so I’m glad he’s no longer suffering. Though the house is quieter now, part of it is mourning I know.  The rest, well kinda miss his midnight “All’s well” cry.   We have Thumbelina trying to fill that spot, but she’s a little on the annoying side with it, sitting in the bathroom so it echoes in the house.  He will be missed.

And let’s see I’m looking at the stuff I have to get in the shop.  I have about six items to go up today, and I’ll try to get more photos for tomorrow, my goal is at least three to four items up a day.  I’m going to try to start writing in here every day too.

Well I’m going to go get these photos edited, and hopefully get some more cozies made and start on some other little items I want to get in the shop done.  If I get done early I’m treating myself to some RE6.  Seriously need to vent some frustration, and what better way than taking down undead things?

Until next time



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