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Nightmare storm(ish) – Or why Nicky shouldn’t write during a blackout

on October 31, 2012

((This is typed up from Nicky’s chicken scratch after the fact this is you’re only warning))

It’s Tuesday October 30th, and the power’s probably been out three hours; while crocheting by candle light working on a commission for a friend I had the idea for how to start this blog out right…

Well, okay this might not be the right way, but four am, while a hurricane’s going through the area… not a lot of other options work.

Now as to why I’ve named this post Nightmare Storm(ish), well at least the nightmare part of it. The commission that I’m working on is for a friend of mine that has a roommate about to have a new member to her family. The nickname in the back of my head for it is Nightmare, only because it’s been one for me the last couple of days. The colors are blue and black, which are awesome together in my opinion and I love the fact they didn’t want baby pastels. The theme animal for it? Monkey.

Sounds cute right? Good! Because I’m really hoping the set comes together as that. The yarn I chose for the project is Everyday softly worsted in baby blue and black, which I love the feel of and thought since Anti-pilling, would be safer around the baby. So two balls each just in case and I’m set right, right, good now off to find the patterns! Which is where the nightmare comes in; the pattern, was actually really cute so figured okay, I can do this. It’s not like it’s rocket science I can make booties!

First attempt… Didn’t work at all how I planned it, I sewed things together wrong so had to start over. I put that on hold because OOH! Shocktoberfest! The brat wanted to go and well hey going to go spend some time playing with zombies? Sure I’m game!

Night we went was seasonably comfortable for a peasant top and jeans. Though thinking back, I should have worn rain boots instead of sneakers. Oh well. Worst part, I left my rain jacket in the car even though the weather did call for rain. The whole carnival was only about a hundred yards with the Prison and Hayride further, though you get a ride to those two attractions, thought I’d be fine for the evening. The hayride was one I went on which was a blast there were a few scares, though I kind of ruined it for myself working on the booties during the week while watching Resident Evil (Degeneration and Damnation thank you), I actually unnerved one of the zombie actors by giving them a tilted head grin. After that was the walk through their steampunk haunted house, which was a little cheesy (Okay a lot cheesy) but still a lot of fun. I actually got more scared in it than I did on the hayride, funny what a lot of darkness, enclosed areas and oh let’s not forget about the whole mad doctor zombie actor with an air gun.

The brat headed off to go do the prison while I stayed on the midway playing a few of the games. Won a Strawberry Shortcake doll before the rain’s hit. Not a light rain but buckets of it, remember my jacket? Yeah I could have used it there, instead went to one of the food vendors near where the Prison’s bus would come out and waited under the awning for the brat, where the two of us made the mad dash across the parking lot to the car, to find out when we got home that a twister had touched down. They were clearing out the carnival as we were leaving so I’m pretty sure no one got hurt.

Next day, I get started on the booties again from scratch making them completely over. This is actually a longer process than it should be because also seems to be the day when errands needed to be run, so they get stuffed away for a few days.

Errands that were, only partially successful, though I seemed to be in lack of health potions and mana elixers… Though hey! Health drinks and a steel pipe, just as good right? Well it’ll have to do since I don’t think I’ll be learning how to cast fireball anytime in the near million years, so prepare for demons and zombies. Sounds good, while on this mission of dire sustenance acquisition, I picked up Love of Crochet’s 2012 Holiday issue, prepare for the holiday apocalypse, at least we’ll look good, and it’ll keep us busy in the down time. So why not. I handed over the magazine to the housemate, snagged my Jelly beans and a health drink (Monster Khaos, great for all nighters be it trying not to get killed in a survival horror game, or just in general in my opinion).

Working on the booties I remembered I needed a pattern for the mitts, Ravelry despite my best intentions kind of failed me. Liz remembered seeing a pattern in the magazine and YAY there is one. Boots almost done (Just had to assemble them) I poured over the pattern, only one other color than what I had was needed, I’ll just use Carron yarn that I have for another project for it since I’ll only need one or two yards, that won’t break me on the blanket that I’m working on at least. So, that’s all ready.

Which brings me to the night Hurricane (Yeah I know changed it to storm) Sandy comes knocking on the door! Boots finished and put to the side I decide to take a break with a little Top Gear then get started on the hat and mitts.

The episode I wanted to watch just starts and oh look, complete darkness. My hand goes for my lighter so I can light a few candles, looks like the hat will be worked on in the darkness while waiting for the power to come back on. Though I have all that I need to do the “Quest of Baby Gear Building”, I’ll update that as soon as I get pictures of the finished project done.

Also hope this wasn’t too long to read, I tend to ramble at Dark Thirty in the morning.


2 responses to “Nightmare storm(ish) – Or why Nicky shouldn’t write during a blackout

  1. Chantel says:

    Gah. Internet and lights have a way of going off at the worst moments. Glad you stayed safe, and…mostly…ish? dry. 🙂

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